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1999 South Pole lapel pin by Geo-Situ
1999 South Pole lapel pin by Geo-Situ
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1 inch diameter
Cast in fine pewter
Military clutch back
Mounted on story card

PLACE NAME: South Pole 1999
ELEVATION: 9300 ft.
LOCATION: Amundsen-Scott Research Station, Antarctica

It all comes together at Antarctica 90 South. Longitude, that is. From there, there is no place to go except north. From there, one of only two places on earth, one can traverse in three directions and end up where one started. The Antarctic, and the Pole in particular, has long been the goal of explorers, scientists, adventurers, and those who are attracted to remote areas of our earth. Scientific studies at the pole include: astrophysics, aerology, glaciology, and seismology. The phenomenon known as halos is also studied, Because the pole is covered by 9000 feet of moving glacial ice, surface marks travel approximately 10 meters annually. Unlike the ceremonial pole, each January 1st the position of 90 South is re-determined and a unique survey monument is erected. This pewter gift is fashioned after the 1999 mark.
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