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Australia, 4WD Adventures Atlas by Hema Maps
Australia, 4WD Adventures Atlas by Hema Maps
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Publication Date: 2018
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Australia's 4WD Adventures: Discover Australia's Top 100 Journeys & Getaways from Hema in a 464-page, A4, spiral-bound guide and atlas, with detailed descriptions of the recommended routes, informative introductory section, etc.

The country's 100 top journeys, based on the publishers' wide experience gained whilst surveying various routes for their wide range of maps, atlases and guides, are grouped in this title by state and region and include several tracks across the Outback. Each recommended route is presented on two or more pages and accompanied by a map extract and details of grading (including vehicle clearance), length and longest distance without fuel, facilities in various locations, permits, etc. The description covers both the drive itself and things to do in various location.

The atlas section is also arranged by state, with map scales varying according to its size and the density of the road network in various regions. The maps distinguish between sealed and unsealed roads and include 4WD tracks; each of the top 100 trips is prominently highlighted. Symbols indicate various facilities and places of interest, including supply points for different types of fuel, camping areas, bush camping, etc. Topography is indicated by names of mountain ranges, peaks, deserts, etc, plus graphics for sand rides, swamps, salt lakes, areas subject to inundation, etc. National parks and other protected areas are prominently highlighted, as are Aboriginal lands and restricted entry areas. The maps have latitude and longitude lines at intervals of usually 1 or 30'. Each state also includes a street plan of the city center in its capital, annotated with places of interest and recommended accommodation, plus maps of the surrounding suburbs and a distance table.
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