Persian Gulf, Political and Historical Map by Gitashenasi
Persian Gulf, Political and Historical Map by Gitashenasi
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Publication Date: 1996
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Administrative and historical map of Persian Gulf with legend. Insets of the continental map drawn by Al-Sharafi in 1600, showing the Persian Gulf; the Babylonian map of the World, seventh century B.C. carved on clay tablet; Persian Gulf in Ptolemy's map of the World prepared in the second century, published by Johann Reger in 1486; political administrative map of the Middle East; Map of Fars Sea by Abu-Eshaq Ebrahim-Ebn-Mohammad-e-Estakhri in 9th-10th century A.D.; the first navigation world map drawn by Battista Agnese in 1540, showing the Persian Gulf and the track of Magellan's voyage round the World, 1519-22; Persian Sea in the map of Indian Ocean and South Asia drawn by Diogo Homem in 1519.
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